Name: OpenHeatMap
$: Free
Examples: OpenHeatMap Gallery
Level: Beginners
Use For: Rapid data visualization


OpenHeatMap allows the user to create a map of the information in any Excel or CSV file, including those on Google Drive. The website automatically turns the spreadsheet into a map. The spreadsheet must contain location information and values for the locations. A list of compatible types of locations can be found here. It is possible to use OpenHeatMap to create a map that shows how an attribute changes over time. To do this there must be a time column in the spreadsheet that is uploaded.


The user is able to change the colors and transparency of the visualization. For point data the user is also able to chose between circles or blobs and change the size of each point. If the values associated with the locations are all the same then the locations will all be the same color.The viewer is able to zoom in and out on different areas of the map. When the viewer mouses over the map they are able to view the mapped value associated with the location and any other values in the spreadsheet that were associated with the location.


This map can be created by those without prior mapping experience. OpenHeatMap is free for anyone to use and can be viewed on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. It can be shared through various social media platforms or embedded.