The one million tweet map


Name: The one million tweet map
$: Free
Level: Beginners
Use For: Visualization of social media response; Campaigning


The one million tweet map allows the user to visualize and explore the last one million tweets. The user can choose between a cluster and a heatmap view. The user can also filter the results by keyword or hashtag. The side panel displays the five most popular hashtags. The hashtags change to reflect the tweets shown given the zoom level and the filter settings. Bubbles that have a 1 in them represent one tweet and the viewer can click on the bubble to read the tweet. The one million tweet map can be used to explore where a hashtag is being used and  where people are talking about a recent news event. Since the one million tweet map is constantly updating, the best way to capture a specific moment in time is through a screenshot.




The one million tweet map is produced by Maptimize. Maptimize offers big data rendering for online maps to improve navigation and filtering. The product works with OpenStreetMapLeaflet, Google Maps, and Bing Maps.