Name: Trendsmap
$: Varies
Example: Outrage After CIA #TortureReport Release
Level: Beginners
Use For: Visualization of social media response; Campaigning


Trendsmap allows the user to visualize and explore the latest global and local twitter trends. Free accounts can view a limited number of twitter trends. Basic accounts cost $9 per month and $90 per year. The user gains access to top users, videos, images and links. Plus accounts cost $19 per month and $190 per year. The user gains access to 5 times more trends, 4 more levels of zoom and a 7 day history of trends. The user is also able to view top videos, images and links for each trend and filter by words, users and hashtags.


Trendsmap also has a range of visualization tools that can be used to generate maps. Trendsmap can be used to explore where a hashtag that is being promoted is being used and what is being said about it. It can also be used to visualize where people are talking about a recent news event, as shown in the example. Some paid accounts have the option to embed Trendsmap, however other organizations have just taken screenshots of the map. The map is constantly changing so a screenshot is the easiest way to preserve the trends at a certain point in time.